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Schools / PTA Ink Program

Nationwide Ink & Toner is proud to offer the PTA Ink Program. The PTA Ink Program is a resource where teachers, administrators, parents, families and friends can purchase ink and toner, while generating money for your school.  Every time a purchase of ink or toner is made through Nationwide Ink & Toner, 20% of the purchase price will be given back to your school.  On average, teachers spend anywhere from $200-$700 of their own money on school supplies each year, and ink and toner is one of the largest costs.  To give you an idea of the amount of money that can be raised for your school, consider the following example below.  In California alone, there is an average of 24 teachers per school, if each teacher spent $225 on ink and toner in a given year, Nationwide Ink & Toner would give back $1080 to your school.  Now remember, that example only considers your teachers.  Just imagine how much could be raised if EVERYONE participated in this program...and they can.

As a parent of two elementary school aged kids, I know that fundraising in schools is one the hardest and time consuming obstacles the school and the PTA face.  This program is unlike any other fundraiser! The items being purchased are ones that teachers, administrators, parents, families and friends are already purchasing.  We aren't asking kids to sell novelty items to friends and family or unhealthy foods like chocolates and candies; we are simply offering a service that allows us to give back to those who are educating our youth.  Purchasing is easy! Simply, visit the website, enter your school's coupon code, and complete the purchase.  Every month sales from your school will be totaled and Nationwide Ink & Toner will issue a check to your PTA for 20% of the gross sales that used your coupon code.      

We want to support your school and all it takes is spreading the word about this awesome program to get started.  If you would like more information about the PTA Ink Program please don't hesitate to contact us directly.





David Parker

Nationwide Ink & Toner