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PTA Ink Program

What is the PTA Ink Program?

The PTA Ink Program is a resource parents can use to easily purchase the much needed ink and toner cartridges used by their child's teacher as well as their own home printer.

Why use the PTA Ink Program?

20% of all proceeds will be donated to your school's PTA.

How does it work?

Visit our online store and locate the ink or toner cartridge for your child's teacher or your own home printer.  Make sure when purchasing your cartridge in the checkout that your purchase is for a school/district. In the notes section, type your school, district name, and teacher for the appropriate school to receive the 20% donation. 


Help Support Your School



Nationwide Ink & Toner is proud to sponsor the PTA Ink Program and is looking forward to supporting your school by providing this new and easy to use program.